California Health Insurance Laws and Regulations

Insurance providers in California are not allowed to cancel an existing policy because of any illness. But they may deny coverage to an applicant who is already ill or who may be at special risk. Insurers may raise a policyholder’s premium because of illness or injury. California Health insurance companies are required to offer their customers guaranteed renewability. A subscriber’s insurance policy will not be cancelled as long as there is no breach in contract. Insurance providers in California can deny coverage for a pre-existing condition, but with limitations. After a certain period, they are required to cover the condition. This period varies depending on the provider. You can also change coverage without going through another period of full exclusion. Newborns and newly-adopted children in California are automatically covered for up to 31 days under state as long as their parent’s individual policy covers dependents. Small businesses looking into California health insurance quotes can purchase any form of small-business group health insurance available to other companies. However, a minimum number of enrollees may be required depending on the organization’s size and membership. Health insurers cannot charge different premium rates between small businesses based on the employees’ health condition. However, rates can vary depending on age or location. Self-employed individuals searching for a California health insurance quote can choose to purchase an individual or a small-business health insurance plan, provided the company has at least one employee.